Monday, 22 December 2014

How cell phone spy software may help you?

Spying software is a mobile phone app which you can install into your cell phone. Mobile phone spy software can trace and accumulate all the information about the acts carried out by its owner without his/her awareness. With the help of phone spy software, you will be able to imperceptibly run and record all the text SMS, phone calls and all other kinds of mobile actions. Cell phone spy software also permits you to track the location of the mobile by means of GPS in real time mode with the direction been shown on a map.

How Cell Phone Spy Software Helps you?

There are a lot of ways in which cell phone spy software helps you. Some of them are described below:

Spying on Workers:

The mobile spy might assist you to expose how skilled are your workers, how they consult through the cell phone, or how conscientious are they. You can also reveal surreptitious information to your opponents.

Spying on meetings or negotiations:


With an exclusive feature of spy software, you will be able to hear all the discussion around it, if you are not present in the meeting.

Spying on a partner:

You may spy on a mobile of your partner if you think that your adored may deceive you. You may trace all calls and SMSs of your partner which is the best mode to divulge a disloyalty.

Spying on kids:

Mobile phone spying can also assist you to defend your family as kids don’t want to inform their parents anything about their life and problems. With the spy software, you can know if your kid is okay or if they want your help or guidance.

Get back-up of your personal mobile:


Spy software can move all the records from your cell phone if you have too many significant data on the phone or you don’t want someone else to see it and can’t save it on the mobile phone. You might also keep it in your private account.

Monday, 27 October 2014

TheOneSpy! Things to Know Before Purchase License

Cell phones are the most important invention of this century. A decade back the people were not much aware of this invention and the mode that was used for communication was the letters and the wired phones. These modes were continent but these modes were very obsolete as they require much longer time to listen from the receiver. The scientific inventions no doubt have changes the face of this very world. Today we have many in our surroundings to make our life much easier and to live a luxurious life. These inventions on one hand have no doubt made our life much easier but along with these pros these inventions have the cons.

Talking about the cellphone, the invention has totally revolutionized our mode of talking we are now totally dependent upon this device from communication to the entertainment. The cellphone that evolved many years ago even has undergone a major shift in its technology and the cellphone which we use today is more likely a small computer in our pocket and it would be not wrong to say that we carry a whole new world in our pocket. Today these cell phones are called as smartphones. Well a person should not judge that they got this name because they look smart physically in fact they are really smart in their functions. The way they manage our tasks, makes us inform about many things, intelligently senses tins in its surroundings with the help of its sensors basically make it a smartphone, today many models even have the capability to measure tee heart beat rate and the blood pressure. The cellphone is also being used in the bionic pancreas which has proved to the major breakthrough in the history of diabetes.

This invention no doubt has many advantages but along with them there come many bad usages of the technology, such uses that should not take place. Many people have taken the business of robbery and kidnapping through this technology. People often use to make anonymous calls to other people sometimes just top tease them or sometimes seriously for the crime. The cellphone robberies are also very common nowadays. In this situation you need to know the exact location of the person who is actually making such call either for any purpose. No doubt there are many legal authorities that are working in our environment to make us safe and make this world a better place to live but to keep care of one self is very necessary and the first thing to do.

Before purchasing the license please make it in your notice that TheOneSpy clearly acknowledges the personal right of every individual and tends to provide these services in bona fide way. There are some of the legalities that need to be taken care of:
  • TheOneSpy brings you software that will provide an answer to all your problems mentioned above. Through this software, you can easily track the other person via his cellphone number so if he is making a prank call or if he is really trying to make you fear of himself you would be in a better position to determine his location and you can easily track him and can put an end to your tension.
  • Make sure that TheOneSpy software is not being used for any illegal activity.
  • Company will not do alteration in the software in case of any limitations.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Undetectable Monitoring App That Lets You Spy on Your Child, Spouse and Employees

The world is advancing with the speed of light. In this modern world of today, the science has taken much turn. Nowadays the people are much more sophisticated and well organized. But with so much advancement the risk of danger has also increased to a greater extent. Nowadays, whenever a person goes out of his home, then he has a fear of his family safety and whether his children reached safely at home or not. If any person goes outside the city, then he is afraid that whether his employees will perform the duty well or not. In such a situation and thoughts, a person is not able to focus on his work properly; but now for all such people, there is a new technique introduced in the market.

The spy app is the new monitoring app that is now available for the peace of mind of such people. The application will now help you to monitor the people you want.

Ensuring your child safety:

Every child is very dear to their parents. They want the complete safety of their kid. For this purpose they want that their child always stays in front of their eyes. This sometimes also makes the child gloomy. But now the parents can allow their child to go out with friends and enjoy themselves. This safety of children is now possible with the spy app. Now the parents can install the parental control application on the cell phone of their children and can monitor them from their own cell phone. With the help of cell phone monitoring they can check the location of their children. Now you don’t need to worry about the safety of your child with a cab driver. You can simply install this app and can satisfy yourself by checking the location of your child every second.

Monitoring your spouse:

If you think that your spouse is cheating on you and you are not sure that whether he really spends the time in office or not, then now is the time that you are in need of partner cell phone monitoring app. The cell phone monitoring app will help you to check the location of your spouse. Without any hustle throughout the whole day, you can keep an eye on your spouse and can check his activities.

Monitoring your employees:

In every organization the employees play a vital role in bringing the business to a new level of success. When the business grows, then sometimes it becomes difficult to keep an eye on each and every single employ. But now you can do this in just a single way. Now you can install FlexiSpy app on the cell phone / computer of your employees and can check the activity of your employees. With the use of spy app, you can also easily travel outside the state and can monitor your employees from that place.

So, if you are facing any kind of such safety problem, then install the cell monitoring app now and make your life much more comfortable and secure.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

North Vancouver 'Sextortion' Case Prosecutor Wants Jail for Man Who Posted Explicit Video Internet

Public prosecutors have requested that 23-year-old Mark Webber should go to jail for threatening to post a sexually explicit video of a young woman on the social media site Facebook unless she sent him nude photos of herself – and did this within two days of his asking her, when she did not do so.

Prosecutor Lee told the presiding judge that Webber also posted the explicit video to a pornographic website which caused severe psychological harm to the victim, and distress to her family.

The prosecutor told the public outside the court that this case was like the 2012 Amanda Todd case where Todd committed suicide after Cyber-bullied.

Lee asked Judge Steven Merrick that the case merited exemplary punishment and that Webber should be sent to prison for nine months so that potential perpetrators get a strong message that such actions are criminal and unacceptable in society.

Like minded persons who have a desire to do similar acts should get a strong message that use of social media to threaten, extort or put at risk vulnerable people is a crime and they will be severely dealt with by the courts of the land. The prosecutor told the court that Webber – who did not have a relationship with the victim – found the explicit video on a cellphone belonging to the victim's boyfriend after that phone went missing. Webber tracked the young woman on Facebook using a fake identity and told her of his having her video then made the demands for her nude photos, which she did not respond to, leading to the posting of the video on the Internet.

Police traced Webber down after a painstaking search of over a year and in May 2013 searched his lodgings in the basement of his parents house, and seized his computer. On questioning Webber gave a lengthy statement to the police in which he confessed his actions.

Lee told the court that Webber's crime had caused severe psychological harm, and under new laws he was not eligible for conditional sentencing that allowed him to serve a jail sentence in the community.

Webber's defense lawyer Michael Mines asked the judge to hand down a suspended sentence, on the grounds that Webber was 20 years old at the time of the offence, depressed and socially isolated, and spent his time playing video games all day. He also said that Webber has no criminal record and his actions were completely out of character as he was socially a different person today than he was when he committed the offence, and was very remorseful for his actions, and that due to the cases like Todd's Webber had a better understanding of "the effects of sexual cyber bullying”.

Webber offered an apology to his victim in the court to atone for his crime whose identity was not revealed as it has protection under a publication ban saying that knowing the effects of his actions made his heart sink to think of what I've done to the victim, he knew what he did was very wrong.

The court later sentenced Webber to 60 days of prison, and hoped this would send a strong message to others who were thinking of similar actions.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Cell Phone Spy App and Its Key Features

CellPhoneSpyApp is an ultimate cell phone tracking and monitoring software which is used for spying a cell phone along with all relevant and explained details such as call records, SMS tracking, Email spying and surround recording.

Let us have a gaze at some of the key features of the software:

Call Records: 

Come to know whom your employee calls and who calls your children or spouse through the call records feature of the app. Get to know all the call details, how many incoming and outgoing calls being communicated through the targeted call phone. Call recording feature will also record all the numebrs saved in the mobile call logs i.e. dialed, received or missed.

SMS Track: 

sms track

Don’t worry if you think that communication would take place through SMS instead of call. Cell Phone Spy App can also track SMSs and believe me, all of them. :)

Email Spy: 

email spy app
With this marvelous cell phone spying software installed on the target phone, you can keep a track of all the Emails being communicated by the targeted phone.

Location Tracker: 

location tracker
With this app, you can come to know the actual GPS position of your employee, spouse or children. It uses GPS to locate the targeted cell phone and in case, the GPS of the phone is turned off, it tracks the cell phone through Wi-Fi and GSM tower. 

Surround Recording:

surround recorder
The cell phone would turn into a very efficient and cost effective audio recorder, which would record all the conversation during a meeting gets executed.


compatibility android, blackberry, iphone
The software is compatible with IOS, Blackberry and all versions of the android. This highly compatible structure makes it an ideal choice for all those who want to employ cell phone spying.
Data backup: A back up of all the data and settings can be made through Cell Phone Spy App.

Internet Behaviour: 

Browsing History Logging

Cell Phone Spy App reveals you very efficiently, that which sites are visited by your children and employees around the intranet of the company. Their internet behaviour would allow you to keep an eye on them and also save them from all possible cyber crimes such as cyber bullying.

Multimedia Files: 

Video, photos and images logging

All the multimedia files such as music, video and pictures can be viewed through Cell Phone Spy App. This gives you complete access to the target phone

SIM Change Alert: 

sim change notifications
If your cell phone gets stolen, and the thief changes the SIM card, a message notification would be made to the administrator of the device.


price and packages

The price is kept very competitive and affordable and premium features are made available to the users in minimum possible prices. Several packages are available at the website and user may select it at their own choice.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Use Android Spy Software to Strengthen Workplace Environment

There are no hard and fast rules for
employee management. As we know some employers are leaders and others
learn en route to being successful leaders. That all managers are not
leaders is definitely not the fault of the employer or the person.
Actually, most employers fall in the category of learning or acquiring
leadership traits. Technology gives most employers an edge to manage
employees intelligently.
Read more:

Use Android Spy Software to Strengthen Workplace Environment

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Supreme Court rules over Cellphone Tracking |

cell phone trackingCell phone tracking has become a major concern for the public and policy makers in the US. Recently two cases brought up in the Supreme Court posed a valuable question about how much authority does the police officials have when it comes to tracking cell phones in order to follow suspects. The court has passed ruling on a 2012 case related to GPS tracking
of suspects and 2014 case related to searches using people’s cell phone records. The entire scene has caused confusion which needs to be clarified.

Taking a look at the 2012 case, when the police had mounted a GPS system on a car which allegedly belonged to a drug dealer, it was decided that the police had violated the protection given by the Fourth Amendment regarding “unreasonable search and seizures” by the Court with a majority of 9-0. The use of the warrant that was initially obtained by the police to use the GPS tracker expired but GPS was installed anyway. Even though the Court found the act illegal, government defended
by saying there was no need of a warrant in the first place.

Jones, who is known to have taken the decision to mount the GPS, had personally decided to obtain a warrant but disagreement within the camp regarding the warrant left the decision uncertain. But let’s take a look at the opinions that rose as a result of Jones decision.

First up, the decision of the court speaks for itself when it was determined by all nine justices that the
use of GPS without obtaining a warrant was a violation of the Fourth Amendment. But a few rationales were considered on which their decision was based.

First rationale being, around five Justices were of the opinion that the act was an open violation of the
Fourth Amendment and the police had physically trespassed the law. But they were not clear about the point whether acquiring information of a similar nature from the electronic mediums, omitting physical trespass,would be considered unconstitutional or illegal.

The second opinion would have to be Justice Alito’s. He expressed that an unlimited quantum of the same data is available online and through electronic medium in today’s age which can be easily used, so depending on the Fourth Amendment would be unrealistic. He had confidence of three other Justice’s on the matter. Read more: Supreme Court rules over Cellphone Tracking |


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Best of the lot - Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S


Android War:

Androids are everywhere around in abundance, irrespective of the look and the innovative features in the modern day cell phones. The ones who are leading the lot say HTC, Samsung, and recently Q Mobile have opted for the android path and have stuck to it in spite of some users who aren’t satisfied with the android release and prefer Windows phone or Symbian ones. Nokia was the brand quite reluctant to launch android, but still launched XA110 as their first android cell phone.

Sony Ericsson & The Android War:

In this environment of competition, how could a sensible brand Sony Ericsson would remain out of the contest? Although Sony Ericsson suffered a bit in start of this android war, but then the Xperia series came to rescue and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S is the latest development in this regard and has been a master piece in the world of android. Let us have a look at some of its features:

Operating System:

The cell is equipped with Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 and with a processor of 1.4 GHz core-processor, making it a very efficient, smart and fast performer, and yes, with proficiency. Having a pleasant sleek design, the 4.2 inch Bravia LCD, shows colours to the best it can be shown. More appeal is added through a scratch resistant screen. The weight of the cell is just 117 grams which makes it very easy to carry along.


A range of colours, in which this cell is available, make it an even better choice for the android lovers; white, midnight blue, misty silver, black and off course, not to bear the ladies’ curse, pink.  So it is evident that colour range satisfies all age and work groups as young would choose blue, ladies would go for pink and elite level would opt black.

Memory & Snapshots:

 A memory of 1 GB, RAM of 512 MB and memory card slot supports the external memory up to 32 GB. An 8 mega pixel camera is there for your joy and everybody knows how somber Sony Ericsson is about camera.

Built in Apps & Battery Time:

Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are pre installed in the cell phone turning into a social networking gadget. The battery may last even up to 460 hours of standby and talk time of more than 7 hours.


The company has kept the price very competitive and very affordable for most class of users, compared with the features available in the gadget. It is available in market at $250/-

Monday, 1 September 2014

TheOneSpy App for Monitoring Android Phone

Looking for an app for monitoring android phone? If yes, then here it is. Today let's have a look at application software, which is used primarily for monitoring android phone. Yes! You have got it right. It is nothing else but TheOneSpy. Now let's have at a look at what it is and how it can be beneficial for its users, especially for monitoring android phone.

Android phone spy software

What is Stealth Mode?
Don't worry if this word is new for you. I'll not proceed further until I explain you what is stealth mode. This means that while you monitor all the activities of an android cell phone through TheOneSpy, the person being spied will not come to know the fact that he/she is being spied .i.e. this monitoring app works totally in isolation.
More astonishing fact of this application is that even if the person being spied, deletes all the data from his/her cell phone, this doesn't makes much of a difference. Even in this situation, The One Spy will be able to present all the data to the administrator.

The One Spy

Product description:

TheOneSpy is an application which is basically used for monitoring cell phones, aiding greatly in the process of parental control, employee monitoring, controlling cyber bullying, GPS location tracking, and of course, having an eye on spouse as well.


Let us see in what ways it can be used.

Parental control:  
Want to keep an eye on your kid's android? Here is TheOneSpy to aid you. Keep a check on all the calls, SMS, Email and net browsing data of your child. This will allow you to keep a fence against cyber bullying crimes and will also allow you to improve moral character of your child by blocking unwanted sites. Thus, The One Spy parental control is an ‘all in one’ protection solution for your child.
Employee check:
Here comes some bad news for those employees who cheat their bosses and some good news for those who don't. With use of The One Spy, bosses will be able to locate where their employees are, whom do they call and who sends them malicious or unwanted emails.
GPS Tracking:
No worries if cell phone gets lost. With GPS, you can instantly track your cell phone and get it back through proper process of police department. This will also help the police department indirectly as the police will be able to divert most of its time to major crimes other than cell phone theft.
Spouse Spying:
Come to know all the new sweethearts of your husband through TheOneSpy!

System compatibility:
The software is totally in line with all versions of android (Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean), I Phone Operating system ( iOS ), and of course all versions of Blackberry phones.

The feature which makes it distinctive is its special system compatibility with android phones. That shows that this software presents you an all in one package for spying, tracking location and making back up of the data, for almost any smart phone available in the market. Moreover, this software is very easy to install on the target phone and instantly starts operation once installed and works totally in ‘stealth’ mode. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How to Install Android application in HTC One S and HTC One X

HTC One S and HTC One X both use Android Operating System so it is very easy to install android spy application in both of these Smartphones. There are a few differences among both the phones such as HTC One S uses T-Mobile as carrier where as HTC One X uses AT&T Wireless as a carrier. Both the phones have similar network specifications that are 3G, 4G and Edge 2G. Both use the same version of the android operating system and have same interface of HTC Sense. However the difference and the similarities of the features of HTC One X and HTC One X does not affect the installation method of the android monitoring software that is the same for both the cell phones. HTC One S and HTC One X are the best cell phones that you can gift your spouse on your anniversary or you can present these to your children as their birthday present. However, a person is always worried about the activities of his children and spouse over their cell phones. But with HTC One S and HTC One X you don’t need to worry as you can spy upon all the activities of your loved ones by installing a simple spy application in their cell phones. 

The first thing you have to do while installing android phone monitoring application on HTC One S and HTC One X is to make your account at the web server of that specific spy software. The next thing is to install the correct version of the android spy software that is compatible with your cell phone. You can find out the compatible version by finding out the version of android OS at your mobile phone. For this you can go to the Settings Menu of your phone , the you must browse the About Tab of your cell phone and scroll down for the Firmware Version of your phone. In the next step you have to enable HTC One S and HTC One X to install non-market applications. You can do so by transforming Application Tab by accessing it through the Settings Tab of the Home Menu. Click or tap the Unknown Source to enable your Smartphone to install third party applications. After completing these steps open your Internet Browser from the Home screen menu. Now you have to download the appropriate version of the android spy application for your cell phone. For example Android Spy Application Version 5.0 (LIVE Control Panel, Email Log Delivery & SMS Commands). You have to enter the correct URL of the source from where you want to download the monitoring application. Tap the Go button and the spy app will automatically start downloading on your cell phone. After the completion of the download you have to tap the “ms” category to install the downloaded application on your cell phone. A prompt will question you to continue with the installation and spy application will camouflage itself according to the environment of your cell phone applications. The next step is the installation process that will start after you tap the “Install” icon on the screen. It will take a few minutes to install and you have to tap the “Done” icon to complete and finalize the installation. After completing the installation switch off the phone for 30 seconds and restart it so that the spy application starts working on your HTC One S and HTC One X. you can configure the application according to your requirements to spy on the different features of HTC One S and HTC One X.

Monday, 25 August 2014

How to Install Android Spy Application in Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is termed as the most amazing Smartphone of the year 2011 due to its specifications and unique features. The most unique and prominent feature of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is its software as it is the very first android phone that is using Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich as an operating system. Like other smart phones the OS of Samsung Galaxy Nexus is customize-able and offer versatility to the user however Android 4.0 makes it more user-friendly and sophisticated in terms of social connections. With its high definition display and sleeker interface the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the dream phone of teens and young generation. 

No wonder your teenage son or daughter also has Samsung Galaxy Nexus as it is one of the most happening cell phones in young generation. However, you don’t need to worry as you can monitor all the activities on the cell phone of your children or spouse by installing android spy application on their cell phone. As Samsung Galaxy Nexus uses android as an operating system it is very easy to install android spy application on this cell phone. You can easily install android spy application on the target phone in a remote manner without letting the other person know that his or her phone is being spied. In order to install and run android spy application on Samsung Galaxy Nexus you need to download the spy software by using the web browser supporting android.

The android spy application can be used to monitor all the activities of Samsung Galaxy Nexus by just logging into the account that is allotted to you on the Internet. You can view the logs of the calls made by the cell phone, you can read the text messages coming in and going out of the cell phone and you can also see the pictures and images taken by the rear 8 MP camera and front 2 MP cameras of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The spy application will record all the activities that are being done from the high resolution screen of the cell phone. The best thing about the spy application for Samsung Galaxy Nexus is that even if the user deletes the sms or image from the cell phone it will remain stored in the online account specified for that phone. With the help of android spy application you can also view all the videos made by the 1080p video camera of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. 

There are a number of spy applications for Samsung Galaxy Nexus that offer flexible reporting time, allows you to trigger alerts on text message receptions and allow you to see the call logs whenever you want. So, if your teenage children are crazy about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you can gift them their desired cell phone along with installing android spy application in it. In this way you will be actually giving them your own private spy that will helps you in a number of ways.