Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How to Install Android application in HTC One S and HTC One X

HTC One S and HTC One X both use Android Operating System so it is very easy to install android spy application in both of these Smartphones. There are a few differences among both the phones such as HTC One S uses T-Mobile as carrier where as HTC One X uses AT&T Wireless as a carrier. Both the phones have similar network specifications that are 3G, 4G and Edge 2G. Both use the same version of the android operating system and have same interface of HTC Sense. However the difference and the similarities of the features of HTC One X and HTC One X does not affect the installation method of the android monitoring software that is the same for both the cell phones. HTC One S and HTC One X are the best cell phones that you can gift your spouse on your anniversary or you can present these to your children as their birthday present. However, a person is always worried about the activities of his children and spouse over their cell phones. But with HTC One S and HTC One X you don’t need to worry as you can spy upon all the activities of your loved ones by installing a simple spy application in their cell phones. 

The first thing you have to do while installing android phone monitoring application on HTC One S and HTC One X is to make your account at the web server of that specific spy software. The next thing is to install the correct version of the android spy software that is compatible with your cell phone. You can find out the compatible version by finding out the version of android OS at your mobile phone. For this you can go to the Settings Menu of your phone , the you must browse the About Tab of your cell phone and scroll down for the Firmware Version of your phone. In the next step you have to enable HTC One S and HTC One X to install non-market applications. You can do so by transforming Application Tab by accessing it through the Settings Tab of the Home Menu. Click or tap the Unknown Source to enable your Smartphone to install third party applications. After completing these steps open your Internet Browser from the Home screen menu. Now you have to download the appropriate version of the android spy application for your cell phone. For example Android Spy Application Version 5.0 (LIVE Control Panel, Email Log Delivery & SMS Commands). You have to enter the correct URL of the source from where you want to download the monitoring application. Tap the Go button and the spy app will automatically start downloading on your cell phone. After the completion of the download you have to tap the “ms” category to install the downloaded application on your cell phone. A prompt will question you to continue with the installation and spy application will camouflage itself according to the environment of your cell phone applications. The next step is the installation process that will start after you tap the “Install” icon on the screen. It will take a few minutes to install and you have to tap the “Done” icon to complete and finalize the installation. After completing the installation switch off the phone for 30 seconds and restart it so that the spy application starts working on your HTC One S and HTC One X. you can configure the application according to your requirements to spy on the different features of HTC One S and HTC One X.

Monday, 25 August 2014

How to Install Android Spy Application in Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is termed as the most amazing Smartphone of the year 2011 due to its specifications and unique features. The most unique and prominent feature of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is its software as it is the very first android phone that is using Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich as an operating system. Like other smart phones the OS of Samsung Galaxy Nexus is customize-able and offer versatility to the user however Android 4.0 makes it more user-friendly and sophisticated in terms of social connections. With its high definition display and sleeker interface the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the dream phone of teens and young generation. 

No wonder your teenage son or daughter also has Samsung Galaxy Nexus as it is one of the most happening cell phones in young generation. However, you don’t need to worry as you can monitor all the activities on the cell phone of your children or spouse by installing android spy application on their cell phone. As Samsung Galaxy Nexus uses android as an operating system it is very easy to install android spy application on this cell phone. You can easily install android spy application on the target phone in a remote manner without letting the other person know that his or her phone is being spied. In order to install and run android spy application on Samsung Galaxy Nexus you need to download the spy software by using the web browser supporting android.

The android spy application can be used to monitor all the activities of Samsung Galaxy Nexus by just logging into the account that is allotted to you on the Internet. You can view the logs of the calls made by the cell phone, you can read the text messages coming in and going out of the cell phone and you can also see the pictures and images taken by the rear 8 MP camera and front 2 MP cameras of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The spy application will record all the activities that are being done from the high resolution screen of the cell phone. The best thing about the spy application for Samsung Galaxy Nexus is that even if the user deletes the sms or image from the cell phone it will remain stored in the online account specified for that phone. With the help of android spy application you can also view all the videos made by the 1080p video camera of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. 

There are a number of spy applications for Samsung Galaxy Nexus that offer flexible reporting time, allows you to trigger alerts on text message receptions and allow you to see the call logs whenever you want. So, if your teenage children are crazy about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you can gift them their desired cell phone along with installing android spy application in it. In this way you will be actually giving them your own private spy that will helps you in a number of ways.