Friday, 12 September 2014

Cell Phone Spy App and Its Key Features

CellPhoneSpyApp is an ultimate cell phone tracking and monitoring software which is used for spying a cell phone along with all relevant and explained details such as call records, SMS tracking, Email spying and surround recording.

Let us have a gaze at some of the key features of the software:

Call Records: 

Come to know whom your employee calls and who calls your children or spouse through the call records feature of the app. Get to know all the call details, how many incoming and outgoing calls being communicated through the targeted call phone. Call recording feature will also record all the numebrs saved in the mobile call logs i.e. dialed, received or missed.

SMS Track: 

sms track

Don’t worry if you think that communication would take place through SMS instead of call. Cell Phone Spy App can also track SMSs and believe me, all of them. :)

Email Spy: 

email spy app
With this marvelous cell phone spying software installed on the target phone, you can keep a track of all the Emails being communicated by the targeted phone.

Location Tracker: 

location tracker
With this app, you can come to know the actual GPS position of your employee, spouse or children. It uses GPS to locate the targeted cell phone and in case, the GPS of the phone is turned off, it tracks the cell phone through Wi-Fi and GSM tower. 

Surround Recording:

surround recorder
The cell phone would turn into a very efficient and cost effective audio recorder, which would record all the conversation during a meeting gets executed.


compatibility android, blackberry, iphone
The software is compatible with IOS, Blackberry and all versions of the android. This highly compatible structure makes it an ideal choice for all those who want to employ cell phone spying.
Data backup: A back up of all the data and settings can be made through Cell Phone Spy App.

Internet Behaviour: 

Browsing History Logging

Cell Phone Spy App reveals you very efficiently, that which sites are visited by your children and employees around the intranet of the company. Their internet behaviour would allow you to keep an eye on them and also save them from all possible cyber crimes such as cyber bullying.

Multimedia Files: 

Video, photos and images logging

All the multimedia files such as music, video and pictures can be viewed through Cell Phone Spy App. This gives you complete access to the target phone

SIM Change Alert: 

sim change notifications
If your cell phone gets stolen, and the thief changes the SIM card, a message notification would be made to the administrator of the device.


price and packages

The price is kept very competitive and affordable and premium features are made available to the users in minimum possible prices. Several packages are available at the website and user may select it at their own choice.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Use Android Spy Software to Strengthen Workplace Environment

There are no hard and fast rules for
employee management. As we know some employers are leaders and others
learn en route to being successful leaders. That all managers are not
leaders is definitely not the fault of the employer or the person.
Actually, most employers fall in the category of learning or acquiring
leadership traits. Technology gives most employers an edge to manage
employees intelligently.
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Use Android Spy Software to Strengthen Workplace Environment

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Supreme Court rules over Cellphone Tracking |

cell phone trackingCell phone tracking has become a major concern for the public and policy makers in the US. Recently two cases brought up in the Supreme Court posed a valuable question about how much authority does the police officials have when it comes to tracking cell phones in order to follow suspects. The court has passed ruling on a 2012 case related to GPS tracking
of suspects and 2014 case related to searches using people’s cell phone records. The entire scene has caused confusion which needs to be clarified.

Taking a look at the 2012 case, when the police had mounted a GPS system on a car which allegedly belonged to a drug dealer, it was decided that the police had violated the protection given by the Fourth Amendment regarding “unreasonable search and seizures” by the Court with a majority of 9-0. The use of the warrant that was initially obtained by the police to use the GPS tracker expired but GPS was installed anyway. Even though the Court found the act illegal, government defended
by saying there was no need of a warrant in the first place.

Jones, who is known to have taken the decision to mount the GPS, had personally decided to obtain a warrant but disagreement within the camp regarding the warrant left the decision uncertain. But let’s take a look at the opinions that rose as a result of Jones decision.

First up, the decision of the court speaks for itself when it was determined by all nine justices that the
use of GPS without obtaining a warrant was a violation of the Fourth Amendment. But a few rationales were considered on which their decision was based.

First rationale being, around five Justices were of the opinion that the act was an open violation of the
Fourth Amendment and the police had physically trespassed the law. But they were not clear about the point whether acquiring information of a similar nature from the electronic mediums, omitting physical trespass,would be considered unconstitutional or illegal.

The second opinion would have to be Justice Alito’s. He expressed that an unlimited quantum of the same data is available online and through electronic medium in today’s age which can be easily used, so depending on the Fourth Amendment would be unrealistic. He had confidence of three other Justice’s on the matter. Read more: Supreme Court rules over Cellphone Tracking |


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Best of the lot - Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S


Android War:

Androids are everywhere around in abundance, irrespective of the look and the innovative features in the modern day cell phones. The ones who are leading the lot say HTC, Samsung, and recently Q Mobile have opted for the android path and have stuck to it in spite of some users who aren’t satisfied with the android release and prefer Windows phone or Symbian ones. Nokia was the brand quite reluctant to launch android, but still launched XA110 as their first android cell phone.

Sony Ericsson & The Android War:

In this environment of competition, how could a sensible brand Sony Ericsson would remain out of the contest? Although Sony Ericsson suffered a bit in start of this android war, but then the Xperia series came to rescue and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S is the latest development in this regard and has been a master piece in the world of android. Let us have a look at some of its features:

Operating System:

The cell is equipped with Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 and with a processor of 1.4 GHz core-processor, making it a very efficient, smart and fast performer, and yes, with proficiency. Having a pleasant sleek design, the 4.2 inch Bravia LCD, shows colours to the best it can be shown. More appeal is added through a scratch resistant screen. The weight of the cell is just 117 grams which makes it very easy to carry along.


A range of colours, in which this cell is available, make it an even better choice for the android lovers; white, midnight blue, misty silver, black and off course, not to bear the ladies’ curse, pink.  So it is evident that colour range satisfies all age and work groups as young would choose blue, ladies would go for pink and elite level would opt black.

Memory & Snapshots:

 A memory of 1 GB, RAM of 512 MB and memory card slot supports the external memory up to 32 GB. An 8 mega pixel camera is there for your joy and everybody knows how somber Sony Ericsson is about camera.

Built in Apps & Battery Time:

Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are pre installed in the cell phone turning into a social networking gadget. The battery may last even up to 460 hours of standby and talk time of more than 7 hours.


The company has kept the price very competitive and very affordable for most class of users, compared with the features available in the gadget. It is available in market at $250/-

Monday, 1 September 2014

TheOneSpy App for Monitoring Android Phone

Looking for an app for monitoring android phone? If yes, then here it is. Today let's have a look at application software, which is used primarily for monitoring android phone. Yes! You have got it right. It is nothing else but TheOneSpy. Now let's have at a look at what it is and how it can be beneficial for its users, especially for monitoring android phone.

Android phone spy software

What is Stealth Mode?
Don't worry if this word is new for you. I'll not proceed further until I explain you what is stealth mode. This means that while you monitor all the activities of an android cell phone through TheOneSpy, the person being spied will not come to know the fact that he/she is being spied .i.e. this monitoring app works totally in isolation.
More astonishing fact of this application is that even if the person being spied, deletes all the data from his/her cell phone, this doesn't makes much of a difference. Even in this situation, The One Spy will be able to present all the data to the administrator.

The One Spy

Product description:

TheOneSpy is an application which is basically used for monitoring cell phones, aiding greatly in the process of parental control, employee monitoring, controlling cyber bullying, GPS location tracking, and of course, having an eye on spouse as well.


Let us see in what ways it can be used.

Parental control:  
Want to keep an eye on your kid's android? Here is TheOneSpy to aid you. Keep a check on all the calls, SMS, Email and net browsing data of your child. This will allow you to keep a fence against cyber bullying crimes and will also allow you to improve moral character of your child by blocking unwanted sites. Thus, The One Spy parental control is an ‘all in one’ protection solution for your child.
Employee check:
Here comes some bad news for those employees who cheat their bosses and some good news for those who don't. With use of The One Spy, bosses will be able to locate where their employees are, whom do they call and who sends them malicious or unwanted emails.
GPS Tracking:
No worries if cell phone gets lost. With GPS, you can instantly track your cell phone and get it back through proper process of police department. This will also help the police department indirectly as the police will be able to divert most of its time to major crimes other than cell phone theft.
Spouse Spying:
Come to know all the new sweethearts of your husband through TheOneSpy!

System compatibility:
The software is totally in line with all versions of android (Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean), I Phone Operating system ( iOS ), and of course all versions of Blackberry phones.

The feature which makes it distinctive is its special system compatibility with android phones. That shows that this software presents you an all in one package for spying, tracking location and making back up of the data, for almost any smart phone available in the market. Moreover, this software is very easy to install on the target phone and instantly starts operation once installed and works totally in ‘stealth’ mode.