Monday, 15 August 2016

How to Keep Kids Safe from Cyber-Bullying

With changing times, as parents or guardians our worries for our kid’s safety have grown. While we try our level best to maintain a balance between managing their privacy and at the same time also trying to keep them safe, occasionally we fail to the likes of many luring threats like cyber bullying. This is new yet much dangerous form of bullying that preys on youngsters through computerized networking. 

Young adulthood and teenage years tend to bring out the worse in kid. This is the time in their lives where they are learning and exploring all the possibilities around them. However this is the time when they need the most supervision as well. But providing round the clock supervision is usually not practical therefore as parents we need to take some other precautionary measures that can help us monitor our kid’s social circles. Here are a few tips on how to keep kid safe from cyber bullying.

Monitor SMS (Text Messages) Activity

Every teenager has an active messaging log today. Technology allows everyone to stay connected and as these young adults are trying their best to understand the world around them they are always online. They may be receiving hurtful or threatening messages and not telling you either out of embarrassment or fear. However, if these continue they can have a strong and lasting effect on your child’s self-esteem and upbringing. Therefore, other than being honest and open with your child about the possibilities of such things happening, you can easily install a monitoring application that will allow you to keep a check on who your child is talking to and what they are discussing. These monitoring applications also tend to save a copy of the threatening messages for evidence sake in case you have to report to the authorities under harassment.

Keep a Check on Browsing History

Kids are fragile and occasionally are able to exhibit certain symptoms like weariness and depression if they are disturbed because of something, for example cyber bullying. It is important that you keep the computer your child uses in a high traffic zone in your home, this way you can easily keep an eye on your kid’s internet activity. Also have a thorough conversation with your child about boundaries based on acceptable and unacceptable behavior before getting online. 

However a child experiencing cyber bullying may try to hide his or her feelings or become hostile both of which are obvious red flags that parents need to look into. If such behaviors come up, it is recommended that you have a look at your child’s internet usage. However, teens who are going through a tough time will never leave behind any evidence. This is where you are advised to install monitoring applications for browsing history. These applications hold on to all the data even if it is part of private browsing or hidden bookmarks. This way in case you come across your child searching on issues like depression or stress, you can prey further into the problem. 

Actively Monitor Social Media Activity

Social media is by far the worst networking portal for cyber bullying. If kid using social media sites are not thoroughly monitored they may end up revealing too much information about them that could become bait for bullies online. All parents are advised to encourage teens not to reveal their passwords and personal information online. Other than that, parents should also be a part of their kid’s friends list and occasionally go through their profiles and post so as to keep all cyber bullies at bay.

Besides these, parents should also look towards installing a social media monitoring app that would send them notifications about their child’s social media activities. These smart applications also manage to stop any hanky activity that you have initially put a restriction on.

Cyber bullying may be increasing by the day, but in a way it is also bridging the gap between parents and teens. Such issues tend to make parents have open conversations with kid which develop trust and mutual understanding. Trusting that your kid will open up to you in any circumstance is a great achievement. Parents should also try to instill a sense of right and wrong based on the “what if you were in their shoes” principal. After all, parents are their kid’s first and last heroes.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Device Monitor Application by XLAB now available for Android as well

XLAB, the partner of ACDC has recently released its Device Monitor Application which provides additional mobile network security by monitoring as well as reporting any malicious events which may occur on Android devices. The cyber threat pertaining to botnets has become of great concern due to the manner in which it is spreading and due to the intensity with which it is happening. It makes use of a number of hijacked resources in order to realize the presence of a cyber attack.

Techniques which are used on personal computers as well as existing malware infrastructure can be made use of in the mobile phones as majorities of the C&C communications which take place are HTTPS based. 

The device which has been designed by XLAB provides network security and allows several of the Android devices to remain protected. The app’s main feature consists of detecting any kind of master key and fake ID’s, SMS hijacks, malicious URL’s being visited and also warns users of applications which may leak out their personal data. Malicious applications knowledge base are also searched in order to conduct detection of anything malicious. These knowledge base’s include Central Clearing House which is also used within the ACDC project.

In the upcoming months, a number of ACDC infrastructures will make use of this Device Monitor Application and it will also become available through the National Support Centers as well as the ACDC’s Community Portal. The ACDC which is the Advanced Cyber Defense Centre has been in operation since February of 2013 and is an EU CIP funded pilot project, consisting of 28 partners from 14 countries throughout the world and has duration of 30 months i.e. up until July of 2015.

After July 2015, the ACDC has the aim of continuing their operations as being a centre that is self sustained and will build upon the value of delivering the biggest European source of data which has been acquired through end users and operators along with a set of solutions which would be targeted to help both end users and operators in detecting, mitigating as well as recovering from botnet attacks.

The methods of detection are based on existing and known attacks. The main concerns are that of security, data transferring, speed and the impact the battery life has on the device itself. The solution consists of making use of a broker GCM Server as well as mobile sensors such as the Device Monitor itself. The GCM Server is what works as broker and it can be extended further using connectors towards the external database of malicious events.

Thus keeping in mind the excess of attacks and threat that cyber attacks and botnet attacks are associated with, it is a good idea to have software such as the Device Monitoring Application which can prevent a user from being the victim of such attacks. With the intensity at which it is spreading, any individual can become a victim which is why it is a wise idea to keep your data protected by making use of this software. Similar to the way in which computers are vulnerable to such malware, so are our phones and this concept is not one which everyone is aware of. Attacks are made on both types of devices in the same manner thus while you keep your personal computers safe by installing a variety of applications and software’s, the same should be done with regard to your mobile phones. Awareness is increasing with companies such as XLAB coming up with such products and these must be made use of.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

How Can You Prove Your Boyfriend is cheating on you?

The world is advancing rapidly. Every new morning brings some new invention to the science and technology. This new addition to science and technology always play an impact on your life. The people are much organized and civilized. They are now able to make themselves safe and prosper. The relation is bond of love and respect among the people, Relations is not only the base of a family but also a sign of his survive. There are two types of relationships; the one is that made by God it is more like a heaven match, the other types of relationship is that a person makes by himself or herself. The later described relationship includes friendship and love hood. The love hood relations are based on trust. Actually, the immense demand of a relationship is trust. Trust, faith, conviction and belief are the fundamental ethics of a relation hood.

Sometimes, there are some critical and very strange situations come on life. A man of steel is that who faces all the ups and downs of life open heartedly. If you are in a relationship and your partner is having some suspicious activities, do not panic. Science and information technology are always there to sort out your problem. If you have a suspect on your boyfriend or girlfriend you can have an eye on him or her. If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan you must be thinking of hiring a spy. But this idea of hiring a spy is quite traditional one. There is a tonic for your problem. Yes it is Spy app. This app will help you in thick and thin. By bringing in use, you can keep an eye to your boyfriend or girlfriend. This app can be an eye opener for you. Eventually you will catch yourself on a point where you can make a decision to go further with this relation hood or not.

This app is accessible for you but for every common man, who wants sincerity in his or her relationship. You can use this application if you are using android, blackberry and apple. This feature is also available for your tablets. This app has some significant and marvelous features. The features of this application are given as below;

  1. You can keep an eye on your partner’s text messages.
  2. By using this, you can operate your boyfriend’s cell phone’s cameras and microphones.
  3. Through this app, one can find the exact location of his/her partner.
  4. This app is also workable if you want to access to the data of your partner’s cell.
  5. You can check his/her live GPS location and all locations history record
  6. You can monitor if he or she is visiting any suspicious places, through GEO fencing.
  7. Record his/her phone calls & monitor call logs plus complete contact list
  8. Monitor his/her complete social networking accounts & instant messaging services i.e. viber, skype, facebook, Line, weChat, Instagram and much more.

The cost of this app is very pocket friendly. This can be in your budget. Besides the purchase price there are also monthly maintenance charges. You just have to download it and it will now perform your duties according to you. You can also find it on social media site; Facebook there you can get continuous updates about this application.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Protecting Your Important Computer Files

Your computer holds much of your important work. You might store secure and confidential information on the laptop that you simply put in your checked baggage or leave it open on the desk at work. Or you might stay signed in to secure sites or fail to save your documents regularly. There are lots of ways you can profit from a little bit of computer precaution.

Internet Security Programs

The first thing that you should do to ensure the security of your machine is to invest in a good security program, especially if you have a PC. Macs are known to be better at security because, for one, fewer people have used them in the past and so there are fewer people to write viruses for them. And secondly, they may be better at blocking such notorious creeps. However, no matter what brand you carry, you should protect yourself with a good program. Read some user reviews to get one that people find reliable and easy to work with. If you are going the free route, you will definitely need to do some research. There are programs that block you out of your own device.

Along with this goes the basic caution to never click on pop up ads. Pop ups and emails with attachments that you were not expecting are common ways to get a virus. And once you have one there may be nothing you can do to retrieve your data or get rid of it. It may corrupt or even steal your files. So be smart and buy security, and never click on anything questionable.

Remove Cookies

Remove any old cookies from your device to keep it clean and safe. Many websites will place cookies on your computer when you open their site. It helps them remember you, in case you ever buy anything. It allows them to know if their returning patrons purchase or browse certain items. While this might be good for their analytic, it can clutter up your disk and be a cause for worry. Get rid of all the old cookies from sites you don’t intend on visiting again, especially the questionable ones. Go through your settings and do it from there. It is pretty quick and it wipes the slate clean.

Back It Up Always

The number one way to keep your files safe is to save them. Set it up so that Word and other programs save things automatically every few minutes and every time you turn it off. If they auto save constantly, like the Internet does, you might have too much information on your computer. But normal automatic saves are good. And get in the habit of saving manually every couple of sentences or paragraph. It’s worth it to hit a couple of keys if you don’t ever have to rewrite a whole well worded paper.

Sign Out

This is another simple safety tip. Sign out of your social media and important sites if you are going to leave your computer of phone lying around. Although it may be easier to save your information on the machine, it is also easier for someone who might swipe it to log into your account and doubly do you harm. Never leave you laptop or phone unattended wen you are not at home or work. And at work, you should close all non-encrypted sites. These preventative measures can save you a world of pain that comes with stolen information, hacking your friends, and other such problems.

Keep your desktop cleaned up so that you can find your documents, and invest in a good program to keep them secure. Save often, sign out, and use your head, to protect your important computer files.

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Monday, 22 December 2014

How cell phone spy software may help you?

Spying software is a mobile phone app which you can install into your cell phone. Mobile phone spy software can trace and accumulate all the information about the acts carried out by its owner without his/her awareness. With the help of phone spy software, you will be able to imperceptibly run and record all the text SMS, phone calls and all other kinds of mobile actions. Cell phone spy software also permits you to track the location of the mobile by means of GPS in real time mode with the direction been shown on a map.

How Cell Phone Spy Software Helps you?

There are a lot of ways in which cell phone spy software helps you. Some of them are described below:

Spying on Workers:

The mobile spy might assist you to expose how skilled are your workers, how they consult through the cell phone, or how conscientious are they. You can also reveal surreptitious information to your opponents.

Spying on meetings or negotiations:


With an exclusive feature of spy software, you will be able to hear all the discussion around it, if you are not present in the meeting.

Spying on a partner:

You may spy on a mobile of your partner if you think that your adored may deceive you. You may trace all calls and SMSs of your partner which is the best mode to divulge a disloyalty.

Spying on kids:

Mobile phone spying can also assist you to defend your family as kids don’t want to inform their parents anything about their life and problems. With the spy software, you can know if your kid is okay or if they want your help or guidance.

Get back-up of your personal mobile:


Spy software can move all the records from your cell phone if you have too many significant data on the phone or you don’t want someone else to see it and can’t save it on the mobile phone. You might also keep it in your private account.

Monday, 27 October 2014

TheOneSpy! Things to Know Before Purchase License

Cell phones are the most important invention of this century. A decade back the people were not much aware of this invention and the mode that was used for communication was the letters and the wired phones. These modes were continent but these modes were very obsolete as they require much longer time to listen from the receiver. The scientific inventions no doubt have changes the face of this very world. Today we have many in our surroundings to make our life much easier and to live a luxurious life. These inventions on one hand have no doubt made our life much easier but along with these pros these inventions have the cons.

Talking about the cellphone, the invention has totally revolutionized our mode of talking we are now totally dependent upon this device from communication to the entertainment. The cellphone that evolved many years ago even has undergone a major shift in its technology and the cellphone which we use today is more likely a small computer in our pocket and it would be not wrong to say that we carry a whole new world in our pocket. Today these cell phones are called as smartphones. Well a person should not judge that they got this name because they look smart physically in fact they are really smart in their functions. The way they manage our tasks, makes us inform about many things, intelligently senses tins in its surroundings with the help of its sensors basically make it a smartphone, today many models even have the capability to measure tee heart beat rate and the blood pressure. The cellphone is also being used in the bionic pancreas which has proved to the major breakthrough in the history of diabetes.

This invention no doubt has many advantages but along with them there come many bad usages of the technology, such uses that should not take place. Many people have taken the business of robbery and kidnapping through this technology. People often use to make anonymous calls to other people sometimes just top tease them or sometimes seriously for the crime. The cellphone robberies are also very common nowadays. In this situation you need to know the exact location of the person who is actually making such call either for any purpose. No doubt there are many legal authorities that are working in our environment to make us safe and make this world a better place to live but to keep care of one self is very necessary and the first thing to do.

Before purchasing the license please make it in your notice that TheOneSpy clearly acknowledges the personal right of every individual and tends to provide these services in bona fide way. There are some of the legalities that need to be taken care of:
  • TheOneSpy brings you software that will provide an answer to all your problems mentioned above. Through this software, you can easily track the other person via his cellphone number so if he is making a prank call or if he is really trying to make you fear of himself you would be in a better position to determine his location and you can easily track him and can put an end to your tension.
  • Make sure that TheOneSpy software is not being used for any illegal activity.
  • Company will not do alteration in the software in case of any limitations.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Undetectable Monitoring App That Lets You Spy on Your Child, Spouse and Employees

The world is advancing with the speed of light. In this modern world of today, the science has taken much turn. Nowadays the people are much more sophisticated and well organized. But with so much advancement the risk of danger has also increased to a greater extent. Nowadays, whenever a person goes out of his home, then he has a fear of his family safety and whether his children reached safely at home or not. If any person goes outside the city, then he is afraid that whether his employees will perform the duty well or not. In such a situation and thoughts, a person is not able to focus on his work properly; but now for all such people, there is a new technique introduced in the market.

The spy app is the new monitoring app that is now available for the peace of mind of such people. The application will now help you to monitor the people you want.

Ensuring your child safety:

Every child is very dear to their parents. They want the complete safety of their kid. For this purpose they want that their child always stays in front of their eyes. This sometimes also makes the child gloomy. But now the parents can allow their child to go out with friends and enjoy themselves. This safety of children is now possible with the spy app. Now the parents can install the parental control application on the cell phone of their children and can monitor them from their own cell phone. With the help of cell phone monitoring they can check the location of their children. Now you don’t need to worry about the safety of your child with a cab driver. You can simply install this app and can satisfy yourself by checking the location of your child every second.

Monitoring your spouse:

If you think that your spouse is cheating on you and you are not sure that whether he really spends the time in office or not, then now is the time that you are in need of partner cell phone monitoring app. The cell phone monitoring app will help you to check the location of your spouse. Without any hustle throughout the whole day, you can keep an eye on your spouse and can check his activities.

Monitoring your employees:

In every organization the employees play a vital role in bringing the business to a new level of success. When the business grows, then sometimes it becomes difficult to keep an eye on each and every single employ. But now you can do this in just a single way. Now you can install FlexiSpy app on the cell phone / computer of your employees and can check the activity of your employees. With the use of spy app, you can also easily travel outside the state and can monitor your employees from that place.

So, if you are facing any kind of such safety problem, then install the cell monitoring app now and make your life much more comfortable and secure.