Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Device Monitor Application by XLAB now available for Android as well

XLAB, the partner of ACDC has recently released its Device Monitor Application which provides additional mobile network security by monitoring as well as reporting any malicious events which may occur on Android devices. The cyber threat pertaining to botnets has become of great concern due to the manner in which it is spreading and due to the intensity with which it is happening. It makes use of a number of hijacked resources in order to realize the presence of a cyber attack.

Techniques which are used on personal computers as well as existing malware infrastructure can be made use of in the mobile phones as majorities of the C&C communications which take place are HTTPS based. 

The device which has been designed by XLAB provides network security and allows several of the Android devices to remain protected. The app’s main feature consists of detecting any kind of master key and fake ID’s, SMS hijacks, malicious URL’s being visited and also warns users of applications which may leak out their personal data. Malicious applications knowledge base are also searched in order to conduct detection of anything malicious. These knowledge base’s include Central Clearing House which is also used within the ACDC project.

In the upcoming months, a number of ACDC infrastructures will make use of this Device Monitor Application and it will also become available through the National Support Centers as well as the ACDC’s Community Portal. The ACDC which is the Advanced Cyber Defense Centre has been in operation since February of 2013 and is an EU CIP funded pilot project, consisting of 28 partners from 14 countries throughout the world and has duration of 30 months i.e. up until July of 2015.

After July 2015, the ACDC has the aim of continuing their operations as being a centre that is self sustained and will build upon the value of delivering the biggest European source of data which has been acquired through end users and operators along with a set of solutions which would be targeted to help both end users and operators in detecting, mitigating as well as recovering from botnet attacks.

The methods of detection are based on existing and known attacks. The main concerns are that of security, data transferring, speed and the impact the battery life has on the device itself. The solution consists of making use of a broker GCM Server as well as mobile sensors such as the Device Monitor itself. The GCM Server is what works as broker and it can be extended further using connectors towards the external database of malicious events.

Thus keeping in mind the excess of attacks and threat that cyber attacks and botnet attacks are associated with, it is a good idea to have software such as the Device Monitoring Application which can prevent a user from being the victim of such attacks. With the intensity at which it is spreading, any individual can become a victim which is why it is a wise idea to keep your data protected by making use of this software. Similar to the way in which computers are vulnerable to such malware, so are our phones and this concept is not one which everyone is aware of. Attacks are made on both types of devices in the same manner thus while you keep your personal computers safe by installing a variety of applications and software’s, the same should be done with regard to your mobile phones. Awareness is increasing with companies such as XLAB coming up with such products and these must be made use of.