Monday, 1 September 2014

TheOneSpy App for Monitoring Android Phone

Looking for an app for monitoring android phone? If yes, then here it is. Today let's have a look at application software, which is used primarily for monitoring android phone. Yes! You have got it right. It is nothing else but TheOneSpy. Now let's have at a look at what it is and how it can be beneficial for its users, especially for monitoring android phone.

Android phone spy software

What is Stealth Mode?
Don't worry if this word is new for you. I'll not proceed further until I explain you what is stealth mode. This means that while you monitor all the activities of an android cell phone through TheOneSpy, the person being spied will not come to know the fact that he/she is being spied .i.e. this monitoring app works totally in isolation.
More astonishing fact of this application is that even if the person being spied, deletes all the data from his/her cell phone, this doesn't makes much of a difference. Even in this situation, The One Spy will be able to present all the data to the administrator.

The One Spy

Product description:

TheOneSpy is an application which is basically used for monitoring cell phones, aiding greatly in the process of parental control, employee monitoring, controlling cyber bullying, GPS location tracking, and of course, having an eye on spouse as well.


Let us see in what ways it can be used.

Parental control:  
Want to keep an eye on your kid's android? Here is TheOneSpy to aid you. Keep a check on all the calls, SMS, Email and net browsing data of your child. This will allow you to keep a fence against cyber bullying crimes and will also allow you to improve moral character of your child by blocking unwanted sites. Thus, The One Spy parental control is an ‘all in one’ protection solution for your child.
Employee check:
Here comes some bad news for those employees who cheat their bosses and some good news for those who don't. With use of The One Spy, bosses will be able to locate where their employees are, whom do they call and who sends them malicious or unwanted emails.
GPS Tracking:
No worries if cell phone gets lost. With GPS, you can instantly track your cell phone and get it back through proper process of police department. This will also help the police department indirectly as the police will be able to divert most of its time to major crimes other than cell phone theft.
Spouse Spying:
Come to know all the new sweethearts of your husband through TheOneSpy!

System compatibility:
The software is totally in line with all versions of android (Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean), I Phone Operating system ( iOS ), and of course all versions of Blackberry phones.

The feature which makes it distinctive is its special system compatibility with android phones. That shows that this software presents you an all in one package for spying, tracking location and making back up of the data, for almost any smart phone available in the market. Moreover, this software is very easy to install on the target phone and instantly starts operation once installed and works totally in ‘stealth’ mode.