Client Testimonials

Cell Phone Spy App is known around the globe as one of the most useful pieces of cell phone surveillance. From worried parents to nervous employers - the tools we’ve designed have helped thousands upon thousands of people.

Some of our users were generous enough to share their CellPhoneSpyApp success stories:-

Our shinning parents

Take a look at some of the most interesting stories from parents here:-
- I’m a single parent and I was very sure that my teens were skipping school. I had no way of confirming this, there was no option for me to skip work just to snoop on my children. They go to a crowded public school so there was question of me getting any help from there. My sister in law introduced me to CellPhoneSpyApp and I’m so so grateful to her. It’s been my angel in disguise - literally. The GPS tracking feature allowed me to track my teens while I was at work and ensure that they were at school. The days they didn’t go I had a serious discussion with them to see what the problem was. It turned out they were being bullied after my divorce, I’m glad " Cell Phone Spy App " was there to help me figure things out.
- Jane
- My younger daughter has always had a carefree spirit. But combine that with bad company and she starts doing crazy things. I was able to keep her friendships in check by installing MicroStealth on the phone that I bought for her. Each time she started making weird friends or hung out with troubled teens without telling me I breathed a sigh of relief. Why? Simply because before I got MicroStealth all I could do was wonder where she was, now I knew exactly who she was with.
- Clavin
- "How am I supposed to know how cell phones work?" That’s what I kept telling my wife every time she told me our teenage son was always glued to his phone. I had no clue how to unlock the damn thing let alone check his texts. That’s when she found MicroStealth online. I wasn’t sure if it would work, I suck at technology. But the damn thing is so easy to use. I’m so happy with the results. We don’t even have to touch his phone, all the information like texts, pictures, contacts etc. goes to the online panel that came with this tool. I’m very happy with the results.
- James

Our Satisfied Employers

CellPhoneSpyApp is an infallible business partner, read the stories from employers here:-
- We were able to make the process of delivery better by using Cell Phne Spy App. The GPS tracker helped us ensure that our drivers stayed en route instead of taking breaks or going to places they weren’t supposed to. The information from the trackers is illustrated on an online map so we were also able to create better routes for our drivers to follow. This was a sound investment, one we would recommend that everyone make.
- Brandon
- The number of information leaks at our firm has reduced significantly over the course of the last three months i.e. the same time that we began using CellPhoneSpyApp on all company owned phones. We work with innovative technologies and products and it’s important that we stay a step ahead of our competitors. But when our competitors began launching products a few days before we were meant to we began panicking. It didn’t take us long to find the culprit, however, this is not something we would have been able to manage without the help of " Cell Phone Spy App ".
- Allan
- Managing made easy. What else is there for me to say about this beautiful tool. I lead a team of 12 men and women at our company. I had to find something to ensure productivity didn’t fall within my team. There’s always a few who do very little work but make the most noise, but this brilliant app has all the right features to help me figure out who’s doing what, and who’s doing little. Thank you CellPhoneSpyApps!
- Rania

Some more stories

Our tools aren’t just for troubling targets, they can also be used by anyone who needs a backup plan!
- Oh I could count the number of times I’ve lost phones on all my toes and still keep counting. I’ve been lucky to get them back sometimes, but then I’ve also lost a few sets. When I found CellPhoneSpyApps Blog. I knew I hit the jackpot. The GPS tracking lets me figure out where my phone is. The remote online dashboard has easily accessible information on where it is, and who’s stolen it (in case someone’s picked it up). Even if I don’t get the phone back I have the comfort of knowing all my contacts, texts, emails, calls, pictures, videos and all are safe with me because the app constantly stores all that data (and more) from my phone to the online panel!
- Alba
- I LOVE THIS APP. OH M G. When I first installed it on my S3 I thought my phone would explode because I was so scared of a hidden app. But OMG I’ve been happier. It’s made it possible for me to easily figure out if someone has stolen my phone. My dad was so mad at me the last time my phone got stolen and I literally thought he would kill me. The weird chick who stole my beautiful S3 had to beg me to take it back because I got all her pictures and videos and texts and all and I posted em online. Sucks to be her. Thank you for being so out of this world amazing " Cell Phone Spy App ".
- Sheila


Our users know, just as you should, that has been created to help parents and employers tackle problem targets i.e. kids and employers, respectively. The only smartphones you should monitor are the ones you have consent to look into.