Friday, 12 September 2014

Cell Phone Spy App and Its Key Features

CellPhoneSpyApp is an ultimate cell phone tracking and monitoring software which is used for spying a cell phone along with all relevant and explained details such as call records, SMS tracking, Email spying and surround recording.

Let us have a gaze at some of the key features of the software:

Call Records: 

Come to know whom your employee calls and who calls your children or spouse through the call records feature of the app. Get to know all the call details, how many incoming and outgoing calls being communicated through the targeted call phone. Call recording feature will also record all the numebrs saved in the mobile call logs i.e. dialed, received or missed.

SMS Track: 

sms track

Don’t worry if you think that communication would take place through SMS instead of call. Cell Phone Spy App can also track SMSs and believe me, all of them. :)

Email Spy: 

email spy app
With this marvelous cell phone spying software installed on the target phone, you can keep a track of all the Emails being communicated by the targeted phone.

Location Tracker: 

location tracker
With this app, you can come to know the actual GPS position of your employee, spouse or children. It uses GPS to locate the targeted cell phone and in case, the GPS of the phone is turned off, it tracks the cell phone through Wi-Fi and GSM tower. 

Surround Recording:

surround recorder
The cell phone would turn into a very efficient and cost effective audio recorder, which would record all the conversation during a meeting gets executed.


compatibility android, blackberry, iphone
The software is compatible with IOS, Blackberry and all versions of the android. This highly compatible structure makes it an ideal choice for all those who want to employ cell phone spying.
Data backup: A back up of all the data and settings can be made through Cell Phone Spy App.

Internet Behaviour: 

Browsing History Logging

Cell Phone Spy App reveals you very efficiently, that which sites are visited by your children and employees around the intranet of the company. Their internet behaviour would allow you to keep an eye on them and also save them from all possible cyber crimes such as cyber bullying.

Multimedia Files: 

Video, photos and images logging

All the multimedia files such as music, video and pictures can be viewed through Cell Phone Spy App. This gives you complete access to the target phone

SIM Change Alert: 

sim change notifications
If your cell phone gets stolen, and the thief changes the SIM card, a message notification would be made to the administrator of the device.


price and packages

The price is kept very competitive and affordable and premium features are made available to the users in minimum possible prices. Several packages are available at the website and user may select it at their own choice.